The School of Health Sciences and Education is distinguished for its high quality education at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level, which is ensured by the close cooperation of the scientific and administrative staff with the students in a quality academic environment.

Since the Academic Year 2000-01 the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics  offers a full-time and part-time Postgraduate Studies Programme, leading to the award of a Master’s and a PhD degree.



The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics (DND) is characterized by innovative research work of high quality and international recognition, with a wide network of collaboration that includes more than 160 universities and research centres around the world. During their tenure at DND, academic staff members have published more than 1,780 scientific articles (> 80 articles per staff member) which have been cited more than 49,400 times (> 2,240 citations per staff member) according to the Scopus database (December 2017).


According to evaluations by the National Documentation Centre, Harokopio University and the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, hold a top position among all Greek Universities in terms of the international impact of the research carried out.