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Welcome to the website of the School of Health Sciences & Education of Harokopio University.

The School was founded in 2013 and includes the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, the oldest University Department in the country dealing with the subject of Nutrition and Dietetics, with a successful operation for more than 25 years.

The School is distinguished for its high quality education at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level, which is ensured by the close cooperation of the scientific and administrative staff with the students in a quality academic environment. It has developed a high level of research activity with international recognition, as well as scientific and research collaborations with more than 160 universities and research centres around the world.

In addition to its educational and research activities, the School aims to respond to the needs of society on nutrition issues, including nutrition policy, through constructive cooperation with all relevant stakeholders.

Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

Harokopio University, El. Vanizelou 70, Kallithea, 176 76


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The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Faculty of Health Sciences & Education of Harokopio University was founded in 1992 under the name “Department of Dietetics”. The Department started to operate with the admission of the first students in 1994, in 1999 it was renamed to “Department of Nutrition and Dietetics “, and in 2013 it joined the School of Health Sciences & Education of Harokopio University.

It is the oldest University Department in the country in the field of Dietetics and Nutrition and its mission is to train scientists who will apply the Science of Dietetics-Nutrition, with the aim of improving the eating habits and nutritional status of both individuals and groups of the population, healthy or sick, for the promotion of health.

Since the academic year 2000-01, the Department has been offering both a full-time and part-time Postgraduate Programme in Applied Dietetics-Nutrition, and Doctoral Studies, leading to a Master’s and a Doctoral degree, respectively. Alongside the education of students, the Department of Dietetics-Nutrition is strongly active in research, with numerous national and international collaborations. According to evaluations of the National Documentation Centre, Harokopeio University and the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition Science in particular, hold a top position among all Greek Universities in terms of the impact of research carried out at international level.