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The Master in “Public Health and Nutrition” (MPH and NUTR) Program of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the School of Health Sciences and Education at Harokopio University, provides candidates with the necessary knowledge, specialized skills, and subject-specific expertise in nutritional sciences, applied epidemiology and public health so as to propagate international career paths in public health nutrition. Specifically, the Program aims are:

  • To train Public Health scientists to design and manage interventions aimed at securing the health of populations.
  • To train scientists holding executive positions in public and private organizations related to Public Health and Nutrition.
  • To educate scientists of various interdisciplinary backgrounds for future professional career advancements in the field of Public Health.
  • To develop research and to propagate the knowledge base in the field of Public Health.


The MPH and NUTR Program at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Harokopio University provides students with an innovative program of study that aims to provide candidates with “T-shaped” competencies, hence providing extensive knowledge and an array of skills necessary for professional career development in domains related to public health nutrition. The aims and outcomes of this MPH and NUTR degree adhere to the European standards laid out by the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation.

The Program’s instructors include esteemed faculty members, researchers, and research staff of the Department of Dietetics – Nutritional Sciences at Harokopio University, as well as of other internationally renown academic institutions both in Greece and abroad, with exemplary academic and research experience in the fields of public health and nutrition. Through interdisciplinary learning, the Program empowers students to augment and further elaborate strong interdisciplinary foundations in public health so as to acquire specialist expertise in public health nutrition.

  • Principles of public health and nutritional sciences.
  • Health promotion and planning
  • Principles of applied epidemiology and biostatistics for public health practice.
  • Global public health
  • Biological aspects of nutrition
  • Prevention practices in nutrition and non-communicable diseases
  • Biology of infectious diseases and public health
  • Bioethics, law and regulations for public health and nutrition policy development
  • E-Health application related to public health nutrition
  • Social, Behavioral, and Structural Determinants of Health
  • Toxicology in public health practice


Eligible students include recent university graduates and/or working professionals in the fields of the healthcare sciences (including medicine, nursing, public – community health, dietetics, nutritional sciences, biology, chemistry, veterinary medicine, dentistry and/or other related allied health sciences).


All courses are conducted in English. The MPH and NUTR Program is a flexible study program that can be tailored to student’s academic interests and professional goals. The Program is available for full-time study extending 3 semesters, with a part-time option extending up to a maximum of 6 semesters. In addition, students may opt to enroll in selected accredited Short Courses (extending 1 month each).

The total Program tuition and fees are 10,000 euros.


MPH and NUTR requirements: Course attendance, and teaching and research employment of a total of 90 credits (ECTS), including specifically:

First semester: Four (4) courses.
Second semester: Two (2) compulsory courses and two (2) elective compulsory courses.
Third semester: One (1) elective compulsory course and elaboration of a Master’s Thesis.

The curriculum in detail, as well as the credits corresponding to each of the courses, is as follows:


Course TitleECTS
Global Public Health 8
Biological Aspects of Human Nutrition
Two courses from the list of elective courses offered in 2nd semester14 (2 Χ 7
Total Academic Credits (ECTS)30
List of elective courses offered in the 2nd semester
Bioethics, Law and Regulations
Public Health and Food Policy7
Foods and Mediterranean Lifestyle7
Prevention Practices on Nutrition and NCD7



Course TitleECTS
Master Thesis23
One course from the list of elective courses offered in 3rd semester7
Total Academic Credits (ECTS)
List of elective courses offered in the 3rd semester
Biology of Infectious Diseases and Public Health
Environmental Health7
Foodborne Diseases7
Social, Behavioral, and Structural Determinants of Health7
Toxicology in Public Health Practice

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